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    How exactly do I configure my iPhone 3G w/OS 2.2.1 to connect to my corporate wireless network using PEAP? Is this something I need to do using the iPhone Configuration Utility?

    Here is the meat of the setup instructions for connecting wirelessly, but how do you do this on the iPhone?

    1. We will configure the mycorporate SSID; the same instruction applies for the myguest.
    2. From the Wireless Network tab, as in the SSID screen shot, click on Add.
    3. From the Authentication tab, choose PEAP.
    4. Click Properties.
    5. In the Protected EAP Properties window, make sure the boxes beside Validate Server Certificate, Connect to these servers, and Secure Server Certification Authority (under Trusted Root Certification Authorities) are checked.
    6. Click the OK button for each window until you exit the Wireless Network Properties window.
    7. The mycorporate network is available.
    8. When the Valid Server Certificate is shown, click OK to accept the server certificate.
    2009-03-30 07:42 PM