1. redcard's Avatar
    Download it again?

    Have you ever heard of an itunes update affecting jailbroken or unlocked phones?
    To live, you have to lie
    2009-03-30 11:51 PM
  2. S550Benz's Avatar
    Ok so I downloaded the newest version of safari and there was an option to download safari v4.0 AND quicktime 7 so I downloaded all that and then I didnt like the new safari web browser so I deleted that and downloaded the older one. Then I connect my iPhone and I try to open up iTunes but it said it need the different version of quicktime i think... i forgot but then I delete quicktime and now when I try to open iTunes it says that ill need to download the new quicktime but I HAVE to download the newest version of iTunes but I dont want to because my iPhone is unlocked and jailbroken with a lot of apps n stuff I dont wanna lose or anything... what should i do?
    2009-03-30 11:56 PM
  3. redcard's Avatar
    It wont. Just don't update your firmware
    To live, you have to lie
    2009-03-31 12:04 AM
  4. S550Benz's Avatar
    Should I just download iTunes 8.1 and then Quicktime 7 but I'm afraid it will lock my iPhone like mess up the baseband or something all I want is iTunes to open up...
    2009-03-31 12:08 AM
  5. seann33uk's Avatar
    UPDATE your iTunes.

    As long as you don't hit the UPDATE MY iPHONE button you're fine.
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    2009-03-31 12:17 AM