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    So i successfully activated and unlocked phone using the directions on this site (thanks guys!) - I have an ATT account from 4 years ago (before they were Cingular and then ATT again) it's an MMode account - anyone else working with that?

    however, when i went to try out the EDGE network (no data plan yet, just wanted to take a peek) - it says "Can't connect to EDGE network" - so i went to General Settings -> Network -> --- and there is NO option for EDGE?

    Do i have to have a data plan for it to somehow activate it?

    I used the internet a few times from my old motorola, so i'm a bit confused?

    any suggestions?

    well searching on other forums i found this- hope this helps others out


    This is all those who has unlocked their iPhone, have an old AT&T sim and no EDGE.

    1. don't bother looking for than damn EDGE setting. You have to go old school and edit a file.
    2. ssh into your iphone
    3. cd /var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration
    3.5. cp preferences.plist preferences.plist.orig
    4. vi preferences.plist
    5. search for "cingular"
    6. This should bring you to a code chunk that has the following
    <string>[email protected]</string>
    7. replace wap.cingular with proxy. Delete CINGULAR1 and [email protected]. So it looks like the following
    8. Save. Exit you session. Reboot your iphone.
    9. Enjoy edge on your old AT&T plan
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