1. islsk's Avatar
    Anyone here know how to connect the iphone to a TV with those three-way cords (red, white yellow)???

    Do I need to download anything or do any special settings to make this work? Or do i basically just plug it in?

    Also, I have a 30gb ipod video and when I buy a cord I'd like it to work with both devices. Most of the ads either say for iphone or ipod, but not both. I'm not entirely sure that there is a cord which will work on both.
    2009-04-01 09:16 PM
  2. boxxa's Avatar
    No. Its a setting in your phone by default but you wont get like your home screen. YOu need a hack from Cydia to get the display from all apps on a TV.

    The hardware is the same on iPhone and iPod touch so just make sure its for both. If you get one for iPod (ie iPod video) you may run into problems.
    2009-04-01 09:30 PM
  3. islsk's Avatar
    Thank you. Do you know if the iphone supports video through the headphone jack like th 30gb ipod video?

    Also, what is the name of the cydia hack?
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    2009-04-01 11:35 PM
  4. justjake's Avatar
    try screensplitter or tv out.
    2009-04-02 05:59 PM