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    So i overcame the problem in my last thread, i now have an unlocked, jailbroken 2.2 iphone first gen, with the sound working

    now the problem is, it wont stay on.
    I turn it on, it works normally for like 20 seconds, then i see the wheel and it turns off

    Yes i have recently opened the iphone to replace the battery, and yes i know what i am doing.

    The iphone worked completely for an hour after i replaced the battery

    I have restored multiple times
    i tried resetting all settings

    does anyone know what to do or what the problem could possibly be?


    and please dont just say its a hardware problem

    if you know what the problem may be specificaly i am willing to open up my phone
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    well my guess is that the replacement battery is not good. (sometimes they come damaged) try to test the battery with volt meter if its less the 3.3 volts its definitely damaged and if it a little higher means the iphone is not charging it, and if its over 4 volts the battery is good.
    Note: if battery is over 4 volts, the reason might be the C rate (discharge rate), that means the quantity of current the battery can deliver on a measure of time. (see rcgroups or other radio control forums)

    hope it helps, pls let me know

    2009-04-12 06:37 PM
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    I dont see why we needed another thread for the same problem that we have already answered.

    PS- You just dont want to listen to what the issue is......and its nearly impossible to tell you what "specifically" could be wrond inside, without checking it out first hand. And Im not going to start throwing out a list of quesses.
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