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    Today as I connected my iTouch to my laptop and it started syncing with itunes. what i found on itunes in main page of my itouch, where all the specification of songs, videos, pics and application is shown, i found its not showing music there. instead of that it is showing a 3.7gb covered by "other" which is supposed to be my songs.
    When i checked on my iTouch all my songs are gone now..... and when in my itouch i went to setting-general-about, it says songs 0.

    This means that the 3.7gb of songs are there somewhere but they are showing in itunes as "others"..

    Please help me ....its urgent!!

    Here is a screen shot from itunes:

    FlickCabin.com - ipod.jpg

    no one to help??
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    2009-04-13 01:04 AM
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