1. nickjaza's Avatar
    I'm stuck in Cape Town with a hardware problem I suspect. While in a weak signal area recently my 2G iPhone began to give me intermittent "No Signal" warnings. After two days it was permanent. I have since been able to QuickPwn the phone and get it up an running again - with ALL software, but still "No Service"!! I suspect the radio transmitter/receiver in the phone has gone on the fritz!

    Am I now the proud owner of an iTouch? Or does someone in this forum have a solution for me? Is there someone I could mail the phone to in the US for repair. The 2G model was never released here so no-one wants to touch it, no spares I guess!

    2009-04-16 01:50 PM
  2. one1's Avatar
    Download Boot Neuter from Cydia and try a baseband switch, then switch back.
    2009-04-16 01:54 PM