1. bender o's Avatar
    Hi, i installed a wifi router on my house and i have connected to it 3 notebooks and a ps3 and had no problems, but when i connect my iPhone 3G the internet connection crashes and i have to reset the router. I have connected the iPhone to my girlfriend's wifi and my university's wifi and had no problem. What can i do?

    Thank you so much

    Ps: i have a Linksys SRX 400 Model N WRT54GX4. I don't know if that tells you anything.
    2009-04-17 03:06 AM
  2. thegurio's Avatar
    I am having the same issue but with a Bekin Vision router. I'm not sure what device is causing it but I have 2 notebooks, 2 iPhones and a PS3 and a Xbox 360 connected most of the time and it just disconnects all the wirelesss devices and will keeps the wired ones on for another 10 mins or so. It will do it anything from every 10 minutes to 6 hrs so it's not something I can emulate easily.
    2009-04-17 05:20 AM
  3. one1's Avatar
    The Apple Discussion Forums have outlined issues like this and posted help.
    2009-04-17 05:21 AM