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    This summer I'll be going to England for a month, and I'd like to use my iPhone. I've heard the horror stories about ridiculous bills, etc. Obviously to use the iPhone as I do now in the US (with ATT) would be the nicest thing to have, using calling, texting, and 3G and Edge data. However, how much would that cost? I tried looking on the ATT website, but it was a bit confusing.

    How much extra would it be to purchase international minutes? I only want to call people while in the UK to the US, and to UK numbers as well. Other foreign countries I don't need.

    Would texting be still from my unlimited texting plan right now, or would I have to pay extra as well?

    How does data work when you travel abroad? Can you join O2's network? How much would that be?

    Thanks so much for your help in advance,


    I found this online, Travel Tips | Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular , but it's kind of confusing. Can someone whos had a lot of expierence with this and ATT comment?

    I would unlock the phone and buy a pay-per-use SIM, but I'm on a 3G and the 04.24.02 modem firmware with 3.0. :/
    2009-04-20 12:41 AM
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    To use your iPhone in the UK you need ANY O2 sim card. If you look on ebay, people are selling the pay as you go sim cards that come with the iPhone pay as you go in the UK. These have unlimited data for 12 months and would do the trick for you.

    As far as calls go, i would recommend using skype to call home, even if you have to pay 1 something a month to register a number - register a number in America and you will then be able to dial other US landline numbers (at least thats how it works here in the UK)

    If you used your ATT sim card whilst here in the UK then your bill will be rediculous.
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    2009-04-20 01:50 AM
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    Thanks. What would be the charges for SMSing or Calling home? Expensive since it'd be international?
    2009-04-20 10:40 PM
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    Wouldnt even bother considering it.

    However, if you setup a skype account with a US number, you can use skype on your iPhone in the UK over O2's data network and call home for the cost of your skype account (like 1 something for a month).

    That is the most cost effective way to do it. Only problem with it is if people want to get hold of you on your skype number you will have to have skype open on your iphone. They could always email you or something asking to call, and email would be a much better way of keeping in touch than sms as it can go over the data network (for free) aswell.
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    2009-04-21 12:08 AM
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    sorry for the bump, but now that Ultrasn0w is coming out, I'll be able to unlock my phone. Is there a better carrier then O2 that is recommended?


    2009-06-20 05:05 PM