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    Big Huge Please Read Me Disclaimer Here!
    1. Please remember, if you don’t email me your UDID and you try and do the steps below, your phone will be bricked. That means no going forward, no going backward. Just stuck there.
    2. I am in no way asking you to do anything illegal or against anyone’s terms of use. I am not asking you to hack your phone, or void your warranty of any kind.
    3. Your mileage will vary with this. Keep in mind this is a BETA version of the software, so there may be some bugs. If you’re having issues you can always restart your phone by holding the power and home buttons until you see a silver apple logo.
    4. I don’t claim to be your tech support on this. I’ll help, but I didn’t develop this software so don’t get mad at me if something doesn’t work.

    How to find your UDID
    1. Plug in your iPhone
    2. Click on your iPhone in iTunes in the left pane under “Devices”
    3. Under the “Summary” tab you should see your Serial Number.
    4. Click on your serial number. It should change to read “Identifier (UDID”
    5. This should be a string of 40 digits.

    How to install 3.0 beta software or upgrade to a newer beta version

    1. Download the 3.0 beta software package
    2. Extract the zipped file containing the update. You now have an .ipsw file
    3. Backup your iPhone. To do this, plug your iPhone in. Wait until finished.
    4. Restore your new .ipsw file.
    a) If you’re on a Mac: hold the option key and click “Restore”
    b) If you’re on Windows: hold the shift key and click “Restore”
    5. In the new window that came up, locate your .ipsw flie
    6. Click OK, wait for the phone and iTunes to do everything else.
    7. Wait for your phone to restore all of the files, because you backed up earlier
    8. Enjoy, and go try and get your MMS working

    How to get MMS working (if you’re lucky)

    1. Download the MMS package
    2. Unzip the file. You now have a .ipcc file
    3. Install the new carrier settings from the MMS package
    A) If you’re on a Mac: hold the option key and click “Check for Updates”
    B) If you’re on a PC: hold the shift key and click “Check for Updates”
    4. Locate the .ipcc file and click ok. Wait for iTunes to do its thing.
    5. Restart your phone. Hold the power button and the home key until you see the silver apple logo. Let go.
    6. Eject your SIM card by using a paper clip on the top of your iPhone.
    7. Place your SIM card into another AT&T phone. Anything but an iPhone.
    8. Make a few phone calls and wait 5-10 minutes
    9. Go to My MEdia Net
    10. Enter your phone number. If it says you don’t have a compatible phone, keep trying every few minutes until it works. It will work eventually.
    11. You’ll get a text message from AT&T. Enter this four-digit code into the page.
    12. Try and access Media net. Keep trying. This can take a long time.
    13. If you can get onto Media net, send a picture message to someone.
    14. Mine worked without actually getting numbers 13 and 14 to work. It just didn’t work until the next day
    15. If this didn’t work by the next day, call AT&T Tier two technical support at 888-892-9760 and press option 1.
    16. When talking to representative explain that you are a registered software developer for the iphone and need to have your phone activated for MMS.

    17. These are the things they need to do to make it work
    a) Make sure you are on a standard texting plan and not the iphone texting plan
    b) Enable Media Net and WAP Push
    c) There are two areas in Snooper that need to be checked off to enable MMS
    d) They need to do a push OTA (over the air activation)
    Remember to always be polite and if they give you any trouble, just say thank you and call back later. Also remember, you are a registered developer for Apple. They do not need to know that you aren’t actually developing anything and they should be able to help

    How to enable Emoji’s
    1) Download Spell Number from the App Store
    2) Open it up, type 91929394.59 and press enter
    3) Go to Settings->International->Keyboard->Japanese, Enable Emoji

    And to answer the obvious questions,

    1) Yes, I did take the MMS directly from another thread
    2) Yes, I do have developer slots still available for sale. PM me and DO NOT post in this thread about this.
    3) Yes, I did get MMS to work, and
    4) Yes, MMS has worked on all of my friend's phones that I've tried.
    5) Yes, I will send you the files you need for everything listed above if you're registered in a dev spot of mine.
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    nice tutorial

    unfortunately if you send emoji texts if the receiver doesnt have it enabled they wont get the text
    2009-04-20 08:32 AM
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    unfortunately if you send emoji texts if the receiver doesnt have it enabled they wont get the text
    They do, as long as they have an iPhone with 2.2 or later installed.

    No iPhone = no emoji

    I know this because I impressed everyone I know with an iPhone (about 15 people) by sending them all a message with an emoji in them. Then came the barrage of messages with questions on how to do it.
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