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    I have been looking for hours, and i do mean hours for this...

    I have the latest Cydia and WinterBoard for the past day, and I also got Weather Icon and Katra-based Weather Icon -- which gives me half of what I want:
    Weather and Weather icon in the StatusBar.

    I also want to add Date to the StatusBar.
    I have looked and looked at the code of the existing Themes that came from Cydia (via ssh on my iPhone 3G)... I tried finding the code for WeatherIcon but it's not a "normal Theme" so it doesn't behave the same, I looked at /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/WeatherIconSettings.bundle/Weather\ Icon.plist

    but that seems to be the file that shows the options in the Settings, not the place that actually modifies the StatusBar.

    I am looking for a simple thing I believe, just adding DATE to the Status Bar, just after the Time there (i don't want to replace anything, just add).
    ===============I have================
    I would like the Statusbar to show "4:35 PM 04/20" or even better "4:35P, Apr 20", and have that string be centered. And changing the color (of the date only) would be awesome .
    ==========iPhone 3G, Cydia, WinterBoard==========
    Thanks a lot, this is important to me... since it's so cool :-)
    I am comfortable with SSH access on my iPhone, as i am usin for a quick/simple solution as opposed to installing Themes/Apps which have features i don't need.

    This is my first post, barely over 12hours since my first ever Jailbreak on iPhone 3G.... it was a scary step but so far it's grrrrrrrrreat :-).

    "Find a theme and modify it" advice I have seen before and I tried that, but like i said I have been looking for hours and I don't want to get a Theme and remove its functionality by 90% only to include my 1 line, and have the files and system load possibly when all I wanted to do is add a simple thing :-(.
    2009-04-21 01:44 AM
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    2009-04-21 01:49 AM
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    thanks cpjr, I have seen that post before, looked through it again now carefully, but my question remains, because that post refers to using a Wallpaper.html with
    // Compose the string for display
    var currentTimeString = this_date_string + " " + this_date + " " + " " + this_month_string + " " + " " + " " + currentHours + ":" + currentMinutes + timeOfDay;

    which does the job, but is what i am trying to avoid, a more complex application i don't need -- it's changing the wallpaper, and using HTML file too

    isn't there a simpler way? does it have to be HTML page that i create just to handle the statusbar? and isn't this overlaying the system display?
    2009-04-21 02:05 AM
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    The long road around, yeah.

    But its the only way Ive seen...and Im pretty sure its the only working way out.
    2009-04-21 02:11 AM
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    Well this file (in the Theme):
    /private/var/stash/Themes.yqwVSI/Katra Weather Icon.theme/Bundles/com.apple.springboard/com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist

    along with "WeatherIcon 2.0.3 Package" with "ModMyi.com" the sponsor, that is a way of adding to the StatusBar, without overlaying it with HTML+background.

    "WeatherIcon 2.0.3 Package" alone is able to put the Temperature on the StatusBar and the Katra Theme allows showing of icons [maybe just the icons are used by WeatherIcon, so Katra is just a source of icons, not actually displaying]

    so there has to be a way to add to the WeatherIcon package via SSH... but since it's not a Theme, I haven't seen directions for doing, nor did i find the right spot myself.

    Is there a WeatherIcon specific area on ModMyI to ask this?
    -- to add Date to the Temperature already shown on StatusBar
    2009-04-21 02:29 AM