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    Ok, hoping someone can help me out with this issue:

    All of a sudden I cannot change directories when I am connected via SFTP with my iPhone 3G (2.2.1)

    It was working fine earlier today. I connected at home transferred some files and then went to work connected there and transferred a couple more files.

    I got home, and I can connect, but I always get a timeout when trying to change directories or download files.

    I can upload and delete files in the home directory (which is default).

    The only thing that has changed on my phone is that I installed backgrounder (which I have uninstalled since).

    I have tried fixing the permissions with BossPrefs
    I have deleted my keys and regenerated,
    I have completely re-installed OpenSSH
    I have rebooted my phone
    I have tried multiple SFTP clients
    I can connect and change directories using the iTunnel suite

    2009-04-21 08:47 AM