1. videokiddo's Avatar
    I recently upgraded to 2.2.1 not sure if that was a good move yet. I synced all my free apps from the app store on my windows machine. Apps like skype, pandora, yellow pages, etc. I transfered all my purchases to my mac pro and synced with iTunes on that machine. Yesterday when I got to work I fired up skype and it crashed right away. I tried my other apps and they all crashed too. Everything that is in my application library won't work. I resynced today on my mac and all the apps worked fine. I left the house to go to work and fired up skype again and boom! Crashed again. Something is happening when I unplug the iPhone from the USB cable. Because none of my apps that I synced are working again. I even ininstalled them and went on the app store from my phone and reinstalled and they still crash.

    Any ideas would help.

    2009-04-22 12:01 AM