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    i'm running 2.2.1 fw, jailbroken 3g 8gig iphone.

    thing is, i have a wifi connection at home and i was doing everything with it, be it SSH, just RSS, doesn't really matter what.
    i had UAfaker and few days ago there was an update. updated it, all fine, after a reboot of my phone i couldn't reach internet thru my wifi network. i uninstalled uafaker and uafaker sbsettings toggle, rebooted and how it is now?

    i can see my home wifi, i can join it, but the wifi logo doesnt appear, and i cant join to the internet with my phone. i resetted the router, i resetted network settings on my phone and still nothing.
    apart from mine i can reach any wifi connection and join them aswell as use its internet connection.

    a bit of help would be appreciated, cos i don't wanna restore as theres more then 10k files on my cutie now.

    thanks in advance

    already sorted now, topic can be deleted. thanks
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    2009-04-22 04:09 PM
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    I'm having the same problem.

    Can you tell me how did you fix it?
    2009-04-22 11:37 PM