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  1. kevinxd's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I am new to post but a fan of these forums. I recently lost my 1G iPhone to the toilet.. and bought the 3G off my friend's friend who had one for sell. The phone is great except I'm having some weird issues with the lcd light seeping through the screen. I can notice about 6 light sources that are behind the screen at the top but the two lights near the top right are seeping through most notably. It's very bothersome when viewing the phone at a certain angle and especially since I did not have this problem on my old phone. I have attached some photos to see what I mean. I wanted to see if anyone has seen this before and what's causing it. I also query if it is something I can fix by opening the phone.. any suggestions would be greatful, thanks!
    Attached Thumbnails light seeping-cimg1220.jpg   light seeping-cimg1222.jpg   light seeping-cimg1223.jpg   light seeping-cimg1225.jpg  
    2009-04-23 10:45 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Yeah, its just a slight variation with the seating of the LCD. (The LED's that light the screen line around it)

    Most likely though, Apple would warranty it for dont open it.
    2009-04-23 11:47 PM
  3. kevinxd's Avatar
    Mmm.. I see.

    I don't think my warranty is intact for this phone..

    is it something easy to fix once I open the phone?

    I'm willing to try if it's an easy fix once inside.

    thanks for your advice.
    2009-04-24 02:10 AM