1. txgold's Avatar
    I'm trying to get an iPhone 3G 8GB for the advertised 199 price and using it with TMobile. I'm happy with TMobile and don't want to be locked into AT&T's expensive service for 2 years.

    2009-04-27 07:21 PM
  2. mobsta's Avatar
    if u buy it u got to cancel ur contract for it to be 200 dollars..
    and most likely you will be able to unless they are all upgraded to the new firmware..
    but even then i think theres a way...
    2009-04-27 08:56 PM
  3. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I think they will have the new firmware which means no yellowsnow softunlock. You will have to buy a piggyback sim adaptor like gevey
    2009-04-27 09:05 PM
  4. mobsta's Avatar
    i thought u can lower the new basebands and use yelloow snow
    2009-04-27 09:07 PM
  5. StealthBravo's Avatar
    If u have the 5.8 bootloader. Which was only on the first few months of the 3g
    2009-04-27 09:10 PM