1. farahm2's Avatar
    Hey there people, I know, it's me again with problems, sorry. But i really need some help. Recently my iphone had some problem and it resulted in my restoring it. The problem started with the little sound window that pops up when you press up or down on the volume buttons on the side. It wouldn't go away. Along with that, the volume would always automatically go down to zero. even if you press up on the volume button, you would see the little white bar go up, but then it would go down. Just right now, i noticed that it is happening again. I turned my iphone off cuz it never really gets turned off. But how do i stop this? If it keeps up, then I'm going to end up restoring again. Which i do not want. Is anyone else having this problem?
    2009-04-28 09:29 PM
  2. GHOSTYAIRO's Avatar
    I repair an iPhone like that some time ago, turns out that flex cable had a little fissure causing a bad contact, making the iPhone "press" the down control itself.
    Or maybe you drop the phone and the button is stuck.
    if you restore it ant it's still the same is not a software issue.
    αGoD HaS THe⌃oF My LiFe aND i DoN'T WaNNa⎋*Ⓘ♡Ⓜⓨⓘⓗⓞⓝⓔ
    2009-04-28 09:37 PM