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    ok so i'm jailbreaking my friend's iPhone he is on firmware 2.2.1 and basically the problem is the phone seems to charge when plugged in to the actual charger although there isn't the lighting bolt shown on the battery icon when you put your phone on charge as usual, however it was completely drained and charged a bit so i don't know if it is actually charging, anyway the main problem is when i connect the phone to the computer the computer simply won't recognise it, whereas if i plug mine in it will recognise it instantly (my iPhone is on firmware 2.2.1 aswell btw)

    oh yeh and another thing he's on O2 and he doesn't get any signal even when my sim card is in his iPhone whereas when it's in mine it has full signal, any ideas?

    thanks any help would be greatly appreciated,
    2009-05-01 08:16 PM