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    Is there any way to bypass (or dismiss) the 'Connect to iTunes' message received after entering the lockscreen password incorrectly too many times?

    I deleted the keychains-2.db file using DiskAid and cycled power, but that did not work. (BTW: This DOES work -- I tested it with my phone. BUT it must be before the 'connect to iTunes' message appears)

    Yea I know --- way way stupid. A friend was testing to see what might happen when entering an incorrect password. For those that want to know: 4 times, then timeout 1 minute, 1 time, then timeout 5 minutes, 1 time, then 15 minute timeout, and so on, for 30, 45 and 60 minute timeouts.

    He lost track of the exact number of timeouts before the 'connect to iTunes' message appeared. Also incoming, emergency, and outgoing calls starting with "0" or "1" still allowed. He's still using it as a basic phone (hahaha)

    Thinking : There's a second keychain file in /private/var/keychaines/ folder. Wonder if deleting that brings it back to life.

    Anybody have experience in this area? Ideas?

    BTW: A few months ago I used my computer (in the US) to jb and set up his 2G with lots of music, pictures and a few apps, then sent it to him in Japan. He's pretty computer-ignorant and of course he never synced. If he does, I'm pretty sure everything I originally added will go away. So, I'ld like to keep that option until last

    UPDATE: Problem solved. As it turns out, just connecting to iTunes on ANY computer fixes the problem. No sync, no set-up, no-authorized computer, no account, nuttin. Connect, let it do it thing for a minute or 2, and exit iTunes and the iPhone comes back to life. Geeze, don't you love Apple (Ugggg -- not!!!)
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