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    Im back. After my spurt with my google phone, im back with another phone / possible series of questions. Ive had my most recent iphone for about a week, I dont know how long the previous owner had it for. Anyway, the iphone was already on 2.2.1 firmware, I jailbroke it, blah blah.. After I let the phone sit on the dock for a day or so (because it is not currently my active phone) I picked the phone up to use it for its ipod purposes and the phone was soon dead. So I plug it in, to no avail. Plug in an ipod touch to the dock, still nothing. So I grab up a cable and plug in my iphone, still nothing. I get the screen which insinuates for me to charge my phone. Ive read the "DIY Flex Cable" Blah blah, and thats not so much my cup of tea. Any other suggestions as to a quick fix or potential problems? This phone is not under warranty as it wasnt purchased by me. I also do not much care about the data on the phone.
    2009-05-04 07:12 AM