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  1. furyfire's Avatar
    I've written a bit experimental guide on how to install and configure lighttpd on your iPhone. The guide is still not fully finshed and i doubt it ever will. Comments are very welcome as well as suggestion for future guides (using the same format as this one).

    Without further introduction i give you what i feel is the most covering guide.
    Lighttpd - installation and configuration on the iPod

    Comments are suggestions are very welcome.
    Please notice this is my first forum post in connection with iphone/ipod modding. I'm normally not a fan of forums and tend to stick around on IRC.
    Thanks for reading have fun with your new portable webserver

    Sorry for posting a poll i didn't know MMi had a post rating system

    Apologize for the server being down temporarly.
    I messed up doing some installation on my VPS
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    2009-05-05 12:12 AM