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    First of all I want to say Hi and thank you for looking at my post!

    I recently purchased a 16gb logic board on ebay. Everything seem to work fine expect the phone is confused being stuck in headphone mode without headphones plugged in. Since I have another back housing with an audio jack, I turned off the phone and replaced the housing upon trying ipod no luck with sound. But when I do plug headphones in it goes back to speaker mode. At this point I switch the logic board with an 8gb version I booted that up and right away the speakers work with no headphones plugged in, headphones plugged in it goes to headphone mode. So I eliminated the problem of bad audio jacks.

    I tried to restore the 16gb, I cleaned out both audio jacks with cotton with 95% alcohol. I made sure the bottom of the audio jack the gold bridge are not touching. Tried the pulling in and out method (fast and slow) for a numerous of times.

    Deciding 16gb of glory would not be meant for me, going back to the 8gb logic board I ran across the problem with the camera. The camera gave this green lines with green around objects. I switched out the cameras but still gave me the same problem. I tried restoring, nothing.. same results. I tried both cameras in the 16gb logic board and works fine. Any solutions?

    Both logic board are jailbroken and unlocked using 2.2.1, method of jb/unlocking used quickpwn.

    Sorry for a long post, just hours of progress and I always end up with a problem.
    2009-05-09 07:55 PM