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    The iPhone has garnered some great reviews from sites like CNET.
    Although I don't think they did a good job of comparing it to other phones.
    First off, these guys have been reviewing phones for a very long time, they definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to a phone. However, the iPhone is not like a "phone", it's really hard to get out of that mentality.

    For example, some reviews compare SMS features, email features, camcorder, etc. Understandably these are important features when judging a phone's performance. However, what really sets the iPhone apart from other phones is OS X and the ability to receive firmware updates via iTunes. It has a full blown OS with a complete framework, and a secure and easy way to accommodate future needs.

    Short of user removable battery, lack of 3G and GPS. I really do not see any long term flaws with the iPhone. This investment is indeed a good one, because it can grow. All the software stuff like emails can be upgraded via future upgrades, to accommodate for some of the iPhone's newbie mistakes.

    No other phone has the ability that the iPhone has, to easily upgrade. When was the last time you heard someone upgrade their Helio Ocean? I think Jobs was right when he said that the iPhone software is at least 5 years ahead of any competition. Since the software on most phones today, are like baby software, like PC software was in the 70s.

    "People who are serious about software build their own hardware."

    When Jobs said, "Someday all phone will work like the iPhone", he wasn't jsut referring to the touch screen. But its underpinnings, it has a real operating system!

    FYI, the iPhone is also very beefy in terms of hardware. It has a 620 Mhz ARM CPU, 128 MB RAM. Most competitions has a 3~400 Mhz CPU, and 64MB RAM. Why do other phones need SDHC? Because they usually have very very limited built in storage.

    The iPhone is a brave new concept in the Mobile Phone industry, it needs a lot of traction to adopted and to continually evolve. The iPhone is actually a lot like The Macintosh.
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    2007-09-19 06:21 PM
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    So how long have you been lurking here, Mr. Jobs?
    2007-09-19 09:14 PM
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    lol .. im the second coming of Steve Jobs .. rofl
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    2007-09-19 11:55 PM