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  1. Kimokong's Avatar
    Hey guys, IM new so ...have patients with me...

    Have an Iphone 3g, Jailbroke it, months ago, I dont know what happened but the sound quit on it after doing it...NO MUSIC, NO CALLS, No lock click, ringtones, nothing.

    When i go to the Key pad, The green button in the middle where "call" is supposed to be is blank, and then maybe 5-6 seconds later, the DIALER crashes back to the home screen.

    Here is the phone's stats...

    I jailbroke with quickpwn, then i Unlocked the Phone with Yellowsnow, I built a custom 2.2.1 firmware with PWNAGE to keep the baseband. So right now its UNLOCKED with tmobile, but no sound on 2.2.1 firmware and 2.28. baseband.

    PLease help me, this sounds like a software problem, cause the sound has gone in and out.....Whats the fix?

    things ive done, ive restored, ive cleared settings, i have even wiped the phone clean with erase all content.


    2009-05-12 02:54 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    If you have "reset all settings" and restored.....its likely a hardware issue.

    Cause that will clear anything.
    2009-05-12 03:34 AM