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    Things are not looking so hot on the iPhone modd'n front. It's all a big show in prep for the launch of Leopard and the iPhone SDK...but dang, this is going to make modd'n a little tougher... oh well...another day, another hack...another lock...another pick If a human dreamt up the locking scheme...another will dream up a way around it (or through it )

    Slashdot article HERE

    Source news article HERE
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    2007-09-19 11:18 PM
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    Very interesting! Thanks for the post...
    2007-09-20 01:24 AM
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    Mostly he is saying they will address the unlocking. The rest they don't mind.

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    2007-09-20 04:28 AM
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    you gotta pay to play!
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    2007-09-20 04:37 AM
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    As a Canadian iPhone user, i wouldnt have been a user if it wasn't for the hacker community.

    I think Steve et al should realize that and know that they'll actually make more money by turning a blind eye to it.
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    2007-09-20 04:48 AM
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    I actually think that Apple is treading on VERY thin ice with this fight.

    If they choose to fight the unlock feature citing the DMCA they have a decent shot. But once they start going after the 3rd party apps, I think its safe to say they will lose. Like the cnet article stated, the DMCA says that if you get the item legit you own a limited title to that copyright.

    A way to relate it is to think if you buy an Apple or Dell or Acer or whatever. It is against the law for those companies to mandate that all the software, hardware, or accessories MUST and can ONLY come from them.

    The settlement in the Microsoft antitrust case forced Microsoft to share their platform with 3rd party companies.

    And you all know that if this were to go to court, and Apple were to hold up anyone of our phones and tell America "even though you bought this for $400 dollars its still ours and we decide what carrier you will use and what apps are on it" thats when its over for them... because if thats their stance, you never know the next time you buy a Mac G(whatever) you will only be able to use the ISP they choose and the programs they let you.

    2007-09-20 06:58 AM
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    2007-09-20 02:08 PM
  8. scr4p's Avatar
    The idiots who are selling iPhoneSIMFree are the reason I think. If it stayed Open Source and "Beta" they probably wouldn't have a problem. People feel that it is more legit if they have to pay for something so is no longer classified as a "hack".
    2007-09-20 02:19 PM
  9. SebD's Avatar
    I think to battle the unlockers and hackers is a loosing battle for Apple.
    A - a new hack would be around the corner.
    B - They would really upset many folks whose only choice is to use the unlocked phone....
    2007-09-20 02:21 PM
  10. phifer8390's Avatar
    It is a waste of money and resources to keep playing this game. Apple is not going to make any extra cash by re-locking all the unlocked IPhones. They made their money from people buying the phone and they make money off At&t contracts. If someone is using an unlocked IPhone then they were not willing to use At&t. Re-Locking their phone just means they will go back to using whatever they were using before until there is another unlock tool... On that subject I think unlock tools will come along a lot quicker than the first. Having the update files at hand to tear apart to see the changes should make it a lot simpler.
    2007-09-20 02:58 PM
  11. SebD's Avatar
    I did not update to the latest iTunes nor to my knowledge was the new firmware released.

    Yet an error appeared on my iPhone today. The screen turned black and a message told something along the lines that I was using my iPhone on an unauthorized network and I needed to send my phone in for repair.

    I hit the home button but the screen wnet black....

    I turned the phone off then back on and everything was working fine.

    Maybe this is the begining of the end for unlocked models.
    Wondring if they can send updates to your phone via Wifi to kill it??
    2007-09-20 03:24 PM
  12. ThinkandDrive's Avatar
    I also think you need to consider the fact that he was sharing the stage with the guy from O2 when he made one of those statements. O2 reportedly inked a profit sharing deal with Apple for an unprecedented 40% or something like that. El Jobso certainly wasn't going to sit up there next to him and go, "Yeah, we really don't care if people mod their phones and taken them elsewhere."
    2007-09-20 06:07 PM
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    as i said in another post we are LEGALLY allowed to unlock our phones....

    The Copyright Office allowed this exception because the software that prohibits users from accessing their phone's firmware has little to do with copyright and much to do with a business model. "The underlying activity sought to be performed by the owner of the handset is to allow the handset to do what it was manufactured to do—lawfully connect to any carrier," writes the government in explanation. "This is a noninfringing activity by the user... The purpose of the software lock appears to be limited to restricting the owner’s use of the mobile handset to support a business model, rather than to protect access to a copyrighted work itself."

    so i agree with the "thin ice" comment. i mean i didn't know anything about it at all. but there it is. it certainly does raise allot of questions, legal and otherwise.
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    2007-09-23 01:53 AM
  14. bookmark's Avatar
    I kindna think Steve is just making this up to boost iPhone's advertisements on blogs and news.

    Thats how he likes to play... media war.

    If he re-lock the simlock on the next update, 2 days later someone else hack it... Headlines again.
    2007-09-23 02:43 AM