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    Sorry if this is a re-post, but I searched around and I couldn't really find anything too informative.
    Today I left my gym locker unlocked by mistake (I quickly came back 20 minutes later after realizing), and someone had opened the locker and stole 60 dollars cash, gift cards, and headphones from me. They went into my shorts pockets and found my wallet, and phone.

    They left anything 'trackable', including my iPhone *phew, i was very lucky*, my credit card, and the wallet. Anyways, this got me thinking about what I could have done if they did steal my iPhone, and how I can now prevent that.

    What are some programs that allow you to track the GPS, call home, etc? I know there's some out there. Which ones do you use? Are they free?

    Thank you

    2009-05-20 04:08 AM
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    I've been using iLocalis . The author requires a donation after the trial period.

    3.0 , when released is supposed to do something similar (I didn't see it in the beta)
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    2009-05-20 06:05 AM