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    Okay so i have beejive and on msn i took a contacts display picture and added it to the contact card so that is his caller id picture, when he calls the picture is a nice little small picture like you see in the iphone commercial but if i try to do it through the iphone its as big as the wallpaper, i was wondering if there is a way to make it small like that anyother way other than beejive thanks.

    is there a way to do it through the iphone? i read you can do it using the mac
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    2009-05-31 07:29 AM
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    the pics are big when you add the image through the phone
    if you want the small pictures, you have to add the pictures through outlook (windows) or address book (mac) and then sync with your iphone

    good luck
    2009-05-31 07:57 AM