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    I don't see much posting about people actually trying to hook up there iphone to their car just by scanning (Haven't searched) the forums so I thought I would post a finding about my iphone and this specific deck that I have installed into my 2000 Lexus ES300.

    I went down to Audio Northwest which is damn popular in my area for installing all type of car audio equipment. The owned Jesse down there has his stuff together and they do tons of IPOD installs all of the time. He called up Eclipse for me so see if their tech support would acknowledge that the iphone actually works with their IPOD adapter (IPC-106). They said it was tested and worked flawlessly besides the normal airplane mode error that you get as usual with most ipod adapters for all decks. So I said well throw that in there I want to use my touch screen for my iphone's ipod commands and whatnot.

    Apparently they forgot to check the install with their own ipod even but when I got back there it hooked up fine and everything except for the fact nothing popped up on the deck at all... No extra options or anything. So I suggested we even try an IPOD.. The ipod screen showed up with the eclipse logo and everything but again nothing happened on the deck or source selection what so ever. We tried every switch combination there is for the IPC-106 for different model decks with no luck.

    So we tried two other options. AV-In to ipod connection and then Line-In (Headphone jack). Niether of these would play through the deck either with the Iphone but worked fine on the ipod.

    If anyone knows anything about this stuff I would greatly appreciate any input that you have or ideas because I really want to play my music through my deck with my phone because my sound system is sick
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    I just wanted to follow up on this thread because I called up Eclipse today and talked to a tech there and he told me the proper instuctions on how to hook it up.

    First have all the cabling and devices in the near proper place.
    IPC-106 (Ipod adapter) Switches (Yes they are TINY) MUST MUST MUST be on A/B nothing but A/B. Make sure the power is disconnected from the IPC-106 before you continue..
    Power on the AVN7000 wait for it to load after being disconnected.
    Plug the power into the IPC-106.
    Next you should see under the "Sources" a SIRIUS icon (don't ask why it's sirius I believe eclipse is getting extremely lazy in the engineering department.
    Grab your IPhone and make sure you are at the albums page in the IPOD. If you do not do this and you are located in just one album I have found out that it will only play that one album. The interface is not as nearly as nice as I thought it would be... Lame huh?
    Plug your IPhone in next. The SIRIUS source will pop up and instantaniously start playing your ipod music.
    When asked about AIRPLANE MODE? Say NO so you can still recieve phone calls. The deck automatically fades out the music I'm sure because this is a property in the iphone itself and will fade back in when you END the phone call.
    Another issue I came accross with this specific system is that you do not want to push the menu button at all. This will give you a semi-perm Black Screen. The only way to use your phone if you do happen to push it is to disconnect the iphone, power down then back up again and everything will be back to normal.
    Also if you are one of those people that happen to use your dock 2? Then that sun sprite never does go away if you accidently push your menu button, so you can actually use your applications like normal while your music is playing. The dock is a nice way around this problem because you can still browse to those applications no problem.

    So Problem solved but along with a ton of bugs I'm not that enthusiastic about but hey, I got music to play though my Iphone to my Eclipse AVN7000, I'm happy

    It would be nice if we had a section for Iphone - Car Audio, I'm sure there are tons of other decks out there that people want to hook their phone up to and are having wack issues with the compatibility between old IPod hook ups and their Iphone.

    Guess this should have been moved over to Accessories? I don't know doesn't seem like much people car for it. Where's the moderator at? (hat off to you btw learned more on this site about my phone in one day than I ever did off of any other site.)
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    i hav a clarion max675 vd..with a ipod connecting cable..for 5g ipods....can i use this cable to connect my iphone....
    and one more thing..can i use my old 4g ipod charger to charge the iphone..im aafraid ill fry it!!!
    2007-10-24 03:31 PM
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    I have an eclipse cd8445 and the iphone works flawlessly. Never had any problems. Only gripe is that the searching isn't as fast as on the iphone.
    2008-02-21 06:41 AM
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    All newer BMW's, Lexus, etc.......... have built in bluetooth support which connects to the iphone perfectly.
    2008-02-21 07:00 AM