1. mateo167's Avatar
    ok so about 3 months ago i dropped my phone on concrete and it busted the screen.
    my phone was still working perfectly fine, and i had no problems with it, there was just a big crack on the screen.

    this afternoon i was outside and was listening to music on the iphone and i wanted to check what time it was and the screen was black. when i pressed the home button or the sleep button nothing would happen, but the music was still playing.

    i went to turn it off but that didn't work so i tried reseting it. it turned off and so did the music but now it wont turn back on.
    i tried charging it both on the computer and the wall charger and it had battery before anyways.

    im afraid that if i take it to the apple store they wont fix it or replace it because of the cracked screen.
    thanks alot!
    2009-06-06 10:07 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Apple wont fix it.

    I would assume first that the LCD is busted.
    2009-06-07 04:55 AM