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    Does anyone know how to retrieve the Mesaage ID and password from a message in Swirly. I usually use Buddy for MMS messages, but I decided to experiment with Swirly the other day. Long story short I installed Swirly and could not get it to work. I then forgot about it and it caught a MMS. Now I cannot retrieve the message and the sender has deleted from their phone so that is not an option.

    Could I possibly ssh into the phone and retrieve the Message ID and password? Or maybe c&p the message from Swirly's inbox to the SMS inbox? If so, where is the location of the SMS inbox?

    Thanks Guys!!

    I ssh'd into the phone and copied the .notif file located in the swirly inbox. I also copied the sms.db and opened it with sqlite. I am wondering if I could somehow important or get a program that would read the .notif file.
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