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    The iPhone is my
    First phone and I was wondering when I get 3.0 will mms cost extra money? If so how much more money will I have to pay?

    What about tethering?
    Sorry about all of this I haven't been on a computer in about 2 weeks (vacation in florida) and I really don't want to do a lot of searching on my
    2009-06-15 03:14 AM
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    No, its included in your messaging plan for ATT.
    2009-06-15 03:42 AM
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    ok thank you
    I would thank you but I'm using modmyi mobile

    But thanks

    oh wait
    So I if on my plan I get free text messages I'll be able to do mms for free?
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    2009-06-15 04:23 AM
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    You shouldn't have free text messaging. If you have the 200 free a month included in your data plan, then you don't have a 3G and you won't get MMS period. If you have an unlimited messaging plan (which is $20/month individually or $30/month on a family plan) then you won't pay anything extra for MMS. If you don't have that, then you have to pay for each MMS you send. I think it's like $0.25/each. I'm not sure about the pricing, so don't quote me on that.

    If and when tethering comes to AT&T, they'll without a doubt charge quite a bit for it. People using 3G on their phones is causing problems with their network. AT&T's not about to let people use the connection on their computers and hurt their network even more for free. It'll probably be $30/month to tether on top of the $30/month data plan.
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