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  1. boxxa's Avatar
    iPhone OS on a touchscreen monitor, multi-touch and all

    Now this is the hack of the weekend or the hoax of the weekend. Some intrepid hackers have run what appears to be iPhone OS 2.x on a “multi-touch” monitor with accelerometer support. I’ve found a few examples of monitors that could potentially pull this off but I haven’t been able to pin down a model number. However, because iPhone OS is basically a Linux Mach kernel it should be bootable on Intel hardware - at least in an emulator - all of this is feasible.

    We’ll do a little digging but as it stands it’s an impressive hack.
    Very intresting. Its running on a Mac Pro with a touchscreen monitor. In theory this can work but the true question is the landscape to portrait rotation. I am not sure any monitor that can detect this. Other than that, its either a awesome hoax or one hell of a hack.

    Whats your vote?
    2009-06-15 09:02 PM