1. trogladyte's Avatar
    iPhone showed SOOOO much promise till I got to wanting to copy files to it. After hours of frustration I cannot understand how Apple is still in business! I simply cannot find an easy way to copy photo and music files to it from the PC.

    Before you all reply saying "use iTunes" (another @#$% piece of software) I've already tried that. I managed to get some photos across but, after about 2 hours creating a playlist in iTunes, it decide only to copy 28 songs out of 100's.

    I have tried a couple of file programs from the App store but they do not show anything much of the file structure. Honestly, if I'd understood the nature of this phone I would never have bought it. And I would NEVEr buy Apple anything in the future.

    If anyone has some suggestions, I'd love to hear them as I own this phone now and am stuck with it.

    2009-06-17 04:19 AM
  2. alek's Avatar
    use itunes, i may not like it, but its the only way to go.

    And its not thaaaaat bad (hey, ive used zune player)

    Why create a playlist? just uncheck the songs you dont like ?(u only have a 100) and make sure they do not have drm (aka you bought them not from apple.
    Photos are preatty simple to sync just chose the folders you want (or put all photos in one folder and chose it)

    and to access the file programs form the appstore use a internet browser. I use quick office and it works good, and the gui is nice.

    if you hate it that much use media monkey (its free)

    sir you are 21st century technology challenged. Might i suggest a class at your local community collage?
    2009-06-17 08:41 AM