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    I have read all the different articles regarding what store's pre-orders are already sold out, and it's slightly confusing on where the best place to buy would be for someone like me.

    I am an existing customer going for early upgrade pricing. I have not pre-ordered anywhere. There is no Apple Store anywhere near me. There is an AT&T store, but due to a doctor's appointment at 9AM, I probably can't get there until 10-10:30 AM. BTW, this is in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

    So, should I wait and take my chances in Fort Smith late morning at AT&T, Wal-Mart, or Best Buy? Or would I be better off to order the phone off Apple's website to be delivered to me? I will be going for the 32 GB model.

    Appreciate any suggestions as I have never done the waiting or pre-ordering thing before.

    Ok any help would be great.

    No suggestions from how things went last year?
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    2009-06-17 04:07 PM
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    An Apple store will be most stocked, everywhere else will be barely stocked (most likely) and if your not there before they open you prolly wont get one.
    2009-06-17 04:09 PM
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    I would also agree and say that the Apple Store is going to be the best place to get it, I would wait to go in until later in the day as the crowds will be crazy in the morning.
    2009-06-17 04:14 PM
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    I live a few hours away from an Apple store. Do you think I should order one online today or tomorrow, or wait until after Friday to order online just in case somewhere in town has one?
    2009-06-17 04:52 PM
  5. Ozzyman500's Avatar
    I'd just order online.
    2009-06-17 05:22 PM
  6. spiderguy84's Avatar
    Think I should order online to be shipped to my house from AT&T or from Apple Store? I just want the best chance for getting it in my hands as quickly as possible.

    I found out that you can walk-in a Best Buy, pay $50 for a gift card that can be used towards the iphone. This will reserve a new iPhone for you guaranteed to get it on Friday
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    Hey guys so it looks like AT&T has finally listened to people and changed their policy on the pricing of the iPhone 3G S. This is pretty cool and might save you a little money.

    Check it out here.
    AT&T Announcement
    2009-06-17 11:58 PM