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    Just wanted to vent... I am frustrated with ATT and Apple... ATT for not allowing me to upgrade to the new iphone, for not allowing mms yet, for not allowing tethering yet, and for screwing me over text plans. Apple for allowing att to get away with this, for not having more push apps on launch (that are actually useful), and for disabling some apps that could be enabled on the iphone 3g (such as video)...

    Why should I pay a 200 premium on a new iphone? Its cheaper for me to break my contract, pay the 175, and get a new contract... (I can also sell the iphone 3g). I do sincerely hope that the att exclusivity is up with ATT soon. I would switch back to verizon very quickly (provided they dont lock features). It is a faster network, more reliable and better service.

    Apple, when you choose a carrier, choose better.

    done venting.
    2009-06-18 05:38 PM