1. stizzi's Avatar
    So The iPhone 3G came out here in Canada from Rogers/Fido last summer (1 year ago)....

    In order to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS, you need to be a new customer or at least 24 months into your contract. This means that NO current iPhone 3G users can upgrade to the iPhone 3GS..... unless you want to dish out $600-700.

    Thanks again Rogers, I thought under the new CEO it might be a little different but they are still screwing us - even AT&T made adjustments to their upgrade policy recently.... Come on Rogers!!!
    2009-06-18 10:19 PM
  2. xwinger's Avatar
    wow i wasn't too sure about Rogers's upgrade policy but now im definitely not getting the 3Gs.

    at least we get free tethering until the end of the year. (depending on ur data plan)
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    2009-06-18 11:41 PM