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    Alright so i got my 3gs today and just started to **** around with it after work and now i am stuck...

    I put it on some mode, thats like made for blind people? where it like, reads everything i touch and makes you double-tap to do anything. Anyway...

    I dont know what i turned on, or how the hell to get it off but it sucks haha.

    I cant scroll on pages either to get to settings that are down on the page.

    I know this sounds retarded, but i am seirously stuck.

    Anyone help? or at least tell me what i may have turned on?

    I got it!

    You need to use THREE FINGERS to scroll through menus!!

    i would have never guessed... haha

    great for the blind, by the way!
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    2009-06-20 07:32 AM
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    haha I know what you're talking about, its called voice over. You first have to select the item you are trying to tap by touching it once. You then double-tap to open whatever it is you selected. So to get rid of it, go to settings/general/Accessibility/Voice Over/ Off
    2009-06-20 08:08 AM