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    Did my duty this morning and installed a new 3.0 jailbroken image on my 3G phone. After restoring all my stuff with SSH etc, I ran winterboard. Extended Preferences was checked.

    Didn't think much about it and went and modded my M68AP.plist file to get the % battery meter.

    When I went to settings to goof around with find my iphone on mobile me, I found that the mail, contacts, calendars and phone and safari and ipod and photos preferences options were gone. Figured that I had goofed something up during the plist mod. Try as I might I couldn't figure it out....

    After racking my brain for a while, I went back to winterboard and unchecked the extended prefs add on and voila back came the missing options.

    Hope this helps someone not get freaked by this!
    2009-06-20 02:13 PM