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    Hi i'm new here so hello

    I'm in the UK and I bought a iPhone off ebay. I jailbreaked it and unlocked it and it's all working sweeeeet!

    I don't have a real 02 iphone contract, but I rang up 02 and asked them to add an unlimited data bolt on to my normal contract. So basically, it's the same contract from when I had my Samsung phone, only it has unlimited data!

    Does anyone know if the unlimited data is fully compliant with iPhone? They wanted me to pay 250 just to change to an iPhone contract so he just put the bolt on on it for me.

    Just wanna know if it's all cool and it works for mail and stuff, cause every time I recieve email I'm guessing it's costing me money! And I want it to be free

    I hope i made this post clear, and cheers for any replies
    2008-03-12 08:12 PM