1. Baller-iphone's Avatar
    Hi all, after 2 years holding off, I'll be buying a 3gs on tuesday, and wanted to see what the screen looks like when you receive a text or missed call?

    I've got a ipod touch running 3.0, so am familier with most of the software, but I can't find screenshots on the net of the text received / missed call screen.

    (by missed call, i don't mean a list of missed calls, just what you see on screen the moment you switch the screen on)

    Could someone please take a coupld of screenshots and post them?

    Also - are there any shortcomings in the way it handles missed calls? I'm coming from symbian N95 8Gb where my screensaver gives me data/time, missed calls, e-mails, texts and weather for today / tomorrow, so the thought of turning the screen on every time I want to check it a bit of a bind!

    Im assuming when the text comes in the screen comes to life, only going back to sleep after X amount of no activity?

    Sorry for the long post guys!
    2009-06-21 01:08 PM