1. jmy2469's Avatar
    For the past few days I have been getting the following error message when checking my yahoo mail.
    Cannot get mail. The user name or password is incorrect.
    Has anyone else had this happen? It happened when I was on 2.2 and now it is also happening on 3.0
    I even deleted my account and put all my info in again and it is still happening.
    2009-06-22 02:59 PM
  2. sixartist's Avatar
    I just found the solution, I had been having the same bug since the 3.0 Software Update. This is what you do:
    1) Open settings-mail-accounts-(your account)
    2) Retype in you password
    3) Let it authenticate
    4) Retype in your password again(NOTE: Do not touch ANYTHING after that(Basically don't let it authenticate))
    5) Click back to the mail settings (the little arrow next to your email address at the top of the screen
    6) Wahlah! It works
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    2009-06-22 05:35 PM
  3. jmy2469's Avatar
    Just tried what you said, still getting the error message. No clue what is going on.I am able to get my mail if I try to check it after clearing the message. I am not getting any notification sound either when I get a message. I'll try it again and see what happens. Thanks for he info.
    2009-06-22 07:23 PM