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    I've made a very terrible mistake.
    Me and my friend got our iphones on the same day. When we check the version of his iphone it was 1.02 and we did everything in this tutorial and everything went fine, but with my iphone I assume it was 1.02 because we bought it the same day but it was 1.0.0 and I didnt notice and I did the tutorial but now I cant get signal and in part 4 it says this problem has no fix yet.
    I have tried with many other methods and the result is the same.
    I was wondering if there is any fix yet, please?
    also, does someone knows if I can just return my iphone to apple?

    Thank you.
    (I know I posted this in the OS X part 1 thread, but I really really need an awnser )
    2007-09-22 07:58 PM