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    Chronology of my update process:

    2.2.0 to 3.0 - jailbroken, then realized that 2.2.0 contacts.db wasnt compatible to 3.0 db (yes, i manually pasted)

    so i reinstalled 3.0, jailbroke again, and then restored from my 2.2.0 itunes backup file.

    THEN i copied the contacts.db out of the phone, reinstalled a clean, fresh 3.0 and pasted the contacts.db back to the phone.

    everything seemed to work fine, until i realized that i somehow cant save, edit or delete any contacts.

    when deleting the adressbook.sqlitedb and setting up a new contact book i can store and delete contacts, just with my old db this just doesnt seem to work.

    therefore i say its not a permission / access programm of the app itself, but the database somehow seems to be corrupt / write protected or something...

    someone has similar issues? any tipps? walkaround how to get my old contacts into a new file (with notes, photos etc)?

    thanks in advance, i really need to edit contacts

    ... maybe a way to extract the content of my original db and restore it into the new one? any free apps/freeware?

    that really would help me, thanks in advance.

    im a 2g user btw

    problem partially solved.

    i synced with my windows adress book, then deleted the adressbookdb, reopened the contacts app (so that a new db was created), then went back to itunes and selected from the bottom the option that say write infos from this computer only for the next sync.

    my calling images are gone though :/
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