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    As my first post on this site I would like to relay my experience with Apple.

    I ordered the Apple Care Protection Plan for my iPhone. The price was $69 for an additional one year warranty and support. I can't say that I really care about the support, but I do like the idea of the coverage in case the phone breaks.

    I paid online and today I received the warranty. First of all, I'd like to say that the way Apple does this is a joke. They actually sent me the warranty via Federal Express. There is nothing to the warranty other than some paperwork telling me to register online. I'd rather pay less for the warranty and have Apple subtract the cost of shipping FedEx from the price, but that is Apple's way of doing business.

    I digress.

    I went to register my warranty online and Apple would not allow me to register my warranty because my phone is not activated. Well, gee. I wonder why that is!

    In order to attempt to register my warranty, I called Apple at the number on my warranty paperwork.

    I was told that not only can I not have a warranty without registering the phone, but that my warranty would be void if I were to use the phone with another carrier other than AT&T because that would require that I modify the firmware of the phone.

    I am not iPhone expert, but how on earth can unlocking a phone, which is something I have done with every phone I have ever owned, void a warranty? I have had both AT&T (then Cingular) and T-Mobile actually give me the unlock codes for my phones. How does unlocking an iPhone void a warranty?

    So, I did what I thought necessary. I asked for a refund on my warranty. They said my credit card would be refunded by the next billing cycle.

    I just don't get it. What does using a carrier other than AT&T have to do with the fitness of the phone. If the phone is going to malfunction, is the phone going to decide to malfunction differently if I am using T-Mobile? What a joke.

    I suppose there is a question in all of this as well. Should my phone decide to be troublesome, is there a way to put it all back to the way it was out of the box so I can get it repaired?

    What if I were to register the phone using a phone number of a friend who does have AT&T? It is not unheard of that someone would move their SIM from one phone to another.

    If my friend gives me permission, what would be the problem with registering my phone with his SIM inside of it? Once registered, I could put my SIM back in and go about my business. Would that work?

    Sorry for the long drawn out post. I figure that being the general chat forum this would be the place.

    Thank you in advance, and I look forward to learning a lot from this site.
    2008-03-13 04:03 AM
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    Most likely software "hacking" will not destroy your phone, obviously. However Apple signed a contract with ATT giving them exclusive rights to the iphone and receives royalties for EACH iphone activated with ATT service.

    For those reasons Apple is NOT going to help anybody who doesnt use ATT. They have explained this in their warranty agreement since day 1.

    You could try activating with your friends sim, will probably end up a mess.

    If your phone ever breaks, the only chance you would have of getting warranty repair work done is "virginizing" the phone AND activating it with ATT BEFORE sending it for repair. They will check your activation status BEFORE honoring a warranty.
    2008-03-13 04:10 AM
  3. BrainDamage's Avatar
    Thank you for that response. That is kind of scary. Paying $500 for an electronic device without getting a warranty is kind of nerve bending.

    Although, I have to say, this is one very cool phone.

    I have been a techno nerd since birth. I love being on the cutting edge, and I love being an early adopter of things. I just don't usually walk across a tightrope without a safety net or buy electronics without a warranty. I guess I did this time.

    If I did not have such an awesome rate plan with T-Mobile, I would not have a problem moving to AT&T. I just can't afford to move from T-Mobile because I am grandfathered into a plan that has not been offered in many years, and will probably never be offered again. I don't want to lose it.
    2008-03-13 04:19 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    Hey man....im on ATT but I still dont blame you. T-mobile doesnt get good service where im at or I would probably be there too, as it is cheaper. Anyway, If your as anal about your "stuff" as I am, hopefully you will never have to use that warranty anyway
    2008-03-13 04:27 AM
  5. BrainDamage's Avatar
    Hey man....im on ATT but I still dont blame you. T-mobile doesnt get good service where im at or I would probably be there too, as it is cheaper. Anyway, If your as anal about your "stuff" as I am, hopefully you will never have to use that warranty anyway
    You don't know what anal means until you have seen my stuff. I clean everything daily, have all electronics on an individual UPS, etc. But, if there is going to be a part failure, it is just going to happen.

    My plan with T-Mobile is $40 per month for 700 minutes. I have 3 day weekends, so my minutes only count Mon-Thurs. I can talk unlimited on Fri-Sun. T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls are also not counted against my minutes.
    I really cannot leave that plan because I have not seen anything better. My monthly minute usage is over 4,000.

    What I'd really like to do is learn how to program for the iPhone to make it do tricks that I can share with others. I recently became disabled and spend 95+% of my time at home, so I have plenty of time to learn.

    Who wants to teach an old guy how to get into the programming of the iPhone? I would love to figure out how to make Skype work with it and share that with others.
    2008-03-13 01:50 PM