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    Hi guys im having a slight problem, Iv had my 3GS for a week now and my safari app seems to be broken, Recently it seems to be constantly crashing on me i dont know if its down to the phone itself or a bug in the 3.0 firmware.

    Anybody else have any problems with theirs?

    2009-06-26 02:56 PM
  2. leezaa's Avatar
    I am Thai is boss2537 at and boss_benz at
    I met on the way Safari 3.0 works.
    Sorry in my english. My english not good

    I've experimented with Thai friends, much better.

    after Down Firmware to 2.2 one day it can feel unlucky but tired Safari 3.0 on Application of the 3.0 sticky.

    Restore is back with a 3.0 to 2.2 Back up to take on a comparison with 3.0.

    To see any value. UIJetsamPriority in Info.plist with the difference between 2.2 to 3.0.

    Info.plist file in the file is to resolve. / Applications /

    The value of 2.2 is 50 but 3.0 is 75 is trying to extract file Info.plist 3.0 out of 2.2 is similar to solving this

    <key> SafariProductVersion </ key>.
    <string> 4.0 </ string>.
    <key> UIHasPrefs </ key>.
    <key> UIJetsamPriority </ key>.
    <integer> 50 </ integer>.
    </ dict>.
    </ plist>.

    And throw it back to (Set 775).

    I have tried using the Safari slimy feel better. No symptoms and remain bad as before.

    Friends so want to try panicle together, as well also better or hunting.

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    Edit>> from that to try. 1 have found another problem that is very put Safari 3.0 on a Theme is removed if from that in the Theme
    2009-07-16 02:21 PM