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    O2 UK

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    Ok first off I couldn’t get my phone to keep the settings but I managed to sort that problem using the site, so once I done all that and rebooted, soon as the phone loaded I had mms/picture messages coming through with no problems at picture quality was great, then I tried sending picture messages to several different phones and that worked perfect aswell.

    But an hour later I received a txt from o2 saying im using an iphone 2G and mms is not supported, so now when someone sends me a picture message, all I get is a link and a pin code to view the picture online.

    Which is really annoying because it worked fine before o2 sent me that txt message; I can still send pictures without any problems at all.

    So basically o2 must deactivate it for some stupid reason, because we all know it works.

    So now I have took my sim card out and put it in another phone (moto razor) to activate mms again. (Text PICON to 21400 for free) to enable mms again.

    If anyone else is going to try this you must leave your simcard in different type of phone until you receive a txt from o2 saying that mms has been enabled. Then you can take the sim out and put it back in the iphone. (Please note it can take upto 48hrs for them to enable it again. You never know it might work.

    I’m still currently waiting for them to enable mms again, ive got my simcard in a Motorola Razor (jus means I can’t use my iphone until ive tried this method, but will be worth it if it works)

    I will update this thread as soon as ive heard anything.


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    2009-06-30 06:36 PM
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    Did you get anywhere with re-activating the MMS via your old phone?

    I have the same problem with you with O2, basically they can work out I have iPhone 2G and are now not letting me receive picture messages even though I can send them.

    I called them and tried to persuade them I wasn't on iPhone 2G but on some sort of Chinese fake iPhone clone in a unsuccessful bid to fool them into removing this forward-to-website thing. Sadly I got nowhere and MMSs sent to me still go to their webpage thing instead of coming to my handset.
    2009-07-03 11:46 AM
  3. C0nTEsT's Avatar
    Hiya, i did manage to get my sim activated again by leaving it in another phone (moto razor) once i got the text saying mms enabled i put the sim back in my iphone, and it was working again i was able to recieve pictures, but same thing happend bout an hour later got i text from o2 saying mms messages are not supported on 2G so now they have deactivated it again, someone sends me a picture and all i get is a link and pin code to view image online, i can still send pictures ok tho.

    o2 are idiots they know dam well we can use mms on a 2G iPhone, but still refuse to activate it.

    I dont know what else to try, very annoying.
    2009-07-03 04:47 PM
  4. Teeee's Avatar
    I read this on a separate forum about Swirly MMS set-up with O2

    " Phone O2, tell them you have another phone you use on the weekend or when your out for a drink, say it's something like an N95, M600i e.t.c and you would like to have MMS added to your account. Now they will probably tell you it's not possible as it isn't provisioned for the iPhone, explain you have a friend who has had this done. Tell them to take a look, and they will see that there is an option on there screen for MMS, and that it is already selected. What they need to do is disable that MMS selection, then wait for that action to go live on the network (this can take up to 24hrs), then once that has completed to re-enable the MMS option (again this can take 24hrs). If you find someone helpful they will keep an eye on your account and do this all for you, then give you a ring to let you know it is done. If not you may need to phone them back. You should then be good to go, try sending an MMS to yourself and see if it works. If it doesn't, rinse and repeat as necessary. I had to call over ten times to get this sorted. "

    Might be worth the effort.
    2009-07-03 05:16 PM
  5. C0nTEsT's Avatar
    Thanks for the info :-)Is yours all sorted and working fine now then?
    2009-07-03 05:26 PM
  6. Teeee's Avatar
    No - I find the time next week I'll try this, but it sounds like it can be a lot of effort.
    2009-07-03 05:40 PM
  7. C0nTEsT's Avatar
    I still cant get o2 to deactive the txt sayin view image online and enter pin, i can still send mms fine tho, its fookin annoyin, o2 tried telling me it must be a faulty sim, which i know it isnt because i now have two sims sayin the same thing when i recieve a txt, i left my one sim in a motorola rzr for days and used it when ever i rang o2, but they jus same the same b*llsh*t, must be a faulty sim.

    Has anyone managed to get this problem sorted yet? if so can you please give details to what you said to o2.


    Edit: Please only post in this thread if your on Payandgo O2 UK
    2009-07-30 07:10 PM

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