1. allanofcalifornia's Avatar
    If this has been answered in an article or another thread, then please forgive and please post reference.

    My question is if there are any limitations on the iPhone after it has been unlocked. Can I use iTunes for updating music/video on my iPhone or do I now have to do it manually with something like Cyberduck? Can I sync my iTunes with my iPhone? What do I have to worry about that might mess up my iPhone now that it has been unlocked? Just if iTunes asks me to update the firmware of my iPhone? If there is a new firmware, will iTunes specifically ask you if you want to update the firmware? Do you need to check/uncheck any options within iTunes to ensure you get asked first or that you don't want iTunes to update the firmware?

    Any information this would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks !!!
    2007-09-23 07:30 PM
  2. Trent J.'s Avatar
    I think all these are possible.

    I dont have an unlocked iPhone.. nor do I need one,


    A lot of people say the only thing they can not access is visual voicemail.

    There are some other things at first that wont work..

    but there are threads or guides that provide fixes for them..
    2007-09-23 08:08 PM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You're fine. Yes, iTunes asks before updating the firmware, and you can always say no. The rest works fine.

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    2007-09-24 01:09 AM