1. willyd158's Avatar
    So I synced up my iPhone calendar with my iCal, and all the entries on my iPhone are popping up listed as an hour before they are my iCal.

    Example: 2pm -3pm in iCal = 1pm-3pm on iPhone

    Anyone else seen this issue before?
    2008-03-13 09:11 PM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    do you mean 2-3 on ical and 1 to 2 on iphone? (not 1-3), if that's the case, i'm thinking it has to do with day light savings. is your phone set to set time automatically under settings?
    2008-03-13 09:35 PM
  3. 2manyphones's Avatar
    Try turning off Time Zone Support in: Settings - General - Date&Time. That worked for me with Outlook and iPhone being off by an hour.
    2008-03-14 05:11 PM