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    I just ordered a ...449 headphone assembly off of ebay and put it on my iphone. Since all you have to do is clip it in then I couldn't have messed up the installation but for some reason I don't get anything through the headphones. It plays through the speakers like it should but when I plug the headphones in, all I get is a dull white-noise sound. I've tried rebooting it but that didn't change. I'm using standard 3rd party mp3 player headphones, could that be the problem? I really want this to work so please help me! Thanks

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    2009-07-07 08:07 PM
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    2009-07-10 03:41 AM
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    if your phone is a 2g they headphones might not be plugging in enough due to the recessed headphone jack. if its a 3g sometimes stuff pocket lint or whatever can get into the jack. try plugging in and unplugging the headphones a few times real quick. might pull something out of there.
    2009-07-10 09:38 PM