1. shibby22182's Avatar
    hey guys

    quick question...
    once you have NES for your iphone, how do i get roms onto the Iphone
    2008-03-14 05:21 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    You have to manually stuff em there. Using SSH or something like Ibrickr.
    2008-03-14 05:22 AM
  3. prybar's Avatar
    you'll need to SSH into your phone and put them in the proper folder (var/root/media/roms I think...)


    2008-03-14 05:22 AM
  4. shibby22182's Avatar
    I have idea how to do that stuff? any tutorials?
    I have NES, just no roms.. and I know where to download roms, but not how to put them in iphone

    2008-03-14 05:39 AM
  5. cpjr's Avatar
    1. Install "BSD Subsystem" on phone from installer.
    2. Install "OpenSSH" on phone from installer.

    3. Install WinSCP (google it, free) on WinPC
    4. Setup WinSCP, fill out ONLY spots for IP Address of phone (has to be on WIFI, under setup on phone you can find IP Address), then add logon (root) and password (alpine or dottie)

    5. Plug in phone, start WinSCP and login, will take a minute and if it asks you anything, just click OK.

    Will show you the computer file system on left, Iphone file system on right. Can now drag and drop.

    Search the forum to find out where to stick the roms, dont know directory off hand.

    There are tutorials, just search the forum for SSH, or WinSCP
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    2008-03-14 06:02 AM
  6. Greenelbow's Avatar
    how can you do it with a mac?
    I have had trouble with this for over 6 months getting these roms onto the phone
    "Take a ride with me..."
    2008-03-14 06:11 AM